Dave Hearn

Dave, the founder of Global Adventure and The 300, is a US Air Force veteran who uses his experience from two tours to Iraq supporting Tier 1 Special Operations Forces to re-introduce men to radical faith.  His contributions to the fight against Al Qaeda in in Iraq earned him two Bronze Stars. 

His vision is to see the same camaraderie and sense of mission that he saw on the battlefield played out in the lives of men in their everyday lives as they join in the spiritual battle.

Tim Miles

Tim is a passionate outdoor adventurist, leading mountaineering, climbing and caving trips all around the beautiful British Isles, as well as into Europe. As a Global Adventure leader, Tim likes nothing more than leading people into challenging places to push their limits, developing them into the leader they can become.  A former church missionary and Army engineer, Tim is also a registered Paramedic and Emergency Care Practitioner, so provides the medical oversight and team training.  His mechanic skills are often useful for the Global Adventure transport.  Excuses are a dime a dozen–let’s get out there; there’s a life to live.

Jason Emanuel

Tim Prestidge

Tim started his outdoor career training in Game and Wildlife management where he  trained in forestry, deer management, agriculture and much more. Not quite content, Tim retrained in outdoor pursuits where he coaches a range of sports, from climbing, canoeing and kayaking to archery, swimming and team building.